Observations from Rwanda: July 12, 2020

Construction of the dormitory for 2nd and 3rd year students on the campus of the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA), with Lake Kilimbi in the background. July 6, 2020.

We returned to Rwanda at the end of June, 2020, after spending three months in Nebraska. On arrival in Kigali, we were taken to a government-designated location for a week-long quarantine for COVID-19. We were tested twice during that time, and allowed to leave after a week and two negative tests for another week of self-quarantine in our house on the RICA campus. Several of the following photographs were taken from my balcony at the Dove Hotel during the first quarantine week.

View of neighborhoods down the hill west from the Dove Hotel. June 28, 2020.
Watering and mulching crops along the Nyabarongo River. June 28, 2020.
Feeding cows, under the watchful eye of the owner. June 28, 2020.
Feeding cows. July 2, 2020.
Filling and carrying water jugs – a constant task. July 1, 2020.
Growing point of a conifer below my balcony at the Dove Hotel. June 29, 2020.
Two girls walking on the bank of the Nyabarongo River. June 28, 2020.
Trucks waiting to fill at a petroleum depot. July 1, 2020.
Grey-backed fiscal, perched on a RICA soccer net. July 11, 2020.
Preparing for dinner at the RICA cafeteria. In the background, trees with orange blossoms are in bloom during the dry season, which i believe are Erythrina abyssinica. July 11, 2020.
A closer view of Erythrina abyssinica blossoms. July 11, 2020.
Rueppell’s long-tailed starling (I think). July 11, 2020.
Sunset over Lake Kilimbi. July 6, 2020.

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