Observations from Rwanda: October 4, 2020

Deep ripping soil to break up compaction, ahead of planting corn on what will be a center-pivot irrigated field of the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA). Lake Kilimbi is in the background. September 13, 2020.
Bred heifers arrived on the RICA campus in late August, one for each student house. September 9, 2020.
The first calf born on RICA’s campus. September 12, 2020.
Weaver building a nest on the shore of Lake Kilimbi. September 6, 2020.
Landscaping activities along the RICA Spine Road. September 12, 2020.
A fire burned over 100 ha of brush in RICA’s conservation area. Local villagers joined RICA staff in controlling the blaze. September 20, 2020.
A vervet monkey enjoys breakfast near one of RICA’s student houses. September 15, 2020.
Students returned to the RICA campus September 25, 2020, after an absence of about 6 months. Students first had to have a negative COVID-19 test, then were quarantined after arrival on campus for five days, then were tested again. After a second negative COVID test, students were free to leave their houses on September 30, 2020. All RICA faculty and staff living inside the ‘campus bubble’ were tested in the same way.
A long-crested eagle carrying nesting material near Lake Kilimbi. September 15, 2020.
A foggy early morning walk along the Spine Road. September 1, 2020.
African firefinch feeding on the ground behind our house. August 18, 2020.
Bush fire at it’s peak. September 20, 2020.

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