Observations from Rwanda: February 20, 2021

As we’re currently restricted to the ‘bubble’ on the campus of the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA) this term, it’s challenging to access Lake Kilimbi for new views to open this series of photos. This is a typical campus scene late afternoon February 5, 2021. This view is taken looking east along the central Spine Road, with Napier grass on the left planted around student First Year Farms for erosion control, with a Senna Tree in the middle. These leguminous trees have abundant yellow blooms across campus this time of the year. The new dormitory for second and third year students is under construction in the background.
Students are currently harvesting mangoes every week from First Year Farm orchards. These are consumed in the cafeteria, sold to RICA staff, and to area markets. January 27, 2021.
Students began planting new crops on their farms soon after the term started in mid-January. These students are planting common beans using Greenseeder jab planters. Drip irrigation lines are moved aside, along with plant residue, to accommodate planting. One of the First Year Farm barns, housing laying hens, is in the background. January 27, 2021.
This Black-Lored Babbler (resting on the campus bubble fence) is not one of the more colorful birds on campus, but they certainly are abundant and noticed. They travel in groups, often feeding on the ground, and have a very raucous call. January 31, 2021.
Construction continues on the RICA campus outside the bubble. This view, taken over the fence, is of concrete pouring for a section of floor on the second level of the Campus Center. February 5, 2021.
We have seen various types of small frogs around campus. This one, approximately 2 cm long, is on a blade of grass in the staff housing area on the RICA campus. January 24, 2021.
Calves born last year to RICA dairy cows on First Year Farms continue to grow. These four are in the current calf barn above Kivu House. February 5, 2021.
RICA students provide complete care for their cows – here spraying for ticks. Each house of 20 students has one cow. February 6, 2021.
This Black-Headed Weaver has a nest on a papyrus stalk on the banks of Lake Kilimbi. February 14, 2021.
These new RICA employees lived in our house for three weeks. Kittens were brought to campus to live in student houses to help with snake and rodent control. However, they were a bit too young to be on their own, so spent some time growing up with us. February 16, 2021.
Pin-Tailed Whydah’s courting on the banks of Lake Kilimbi. The male flutters up and down (next image) above the female. She seems unimpressed. February 14, 2021.
Pin-Tailed Whydah’s, Lake Kilimbi. February 14, 2021.
Butterfly along the trail to RICA’s Lake Kilimbi beach. February 14, 2021.
Water lily on the banks of Lake Kilimbi. February 14, 2021.

3 thoughts on “Observations from Rwanda: February 20, 2021”

  1. As always, beautiful pictures. Laughed out loud when I read your comment about the disinterested female bird! You certainly have a photographer’s eye for a great picture.


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