Observations from Rwanda: August 1, 2021

A Swamp Flycatcher greets the morning on a papyrus stalk on the shore of Lake Kilimbi. June 27, 2021.
Students get their first look at the interior of Akagera and Nyungwe Halls – the housing complex for second and third year students at the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA). The building is scheduled to be ready for the next academic year starting in September. July 24, 2021.
RICA students and staff view the interior courtyard of Akagera Hall. July 24, 2021.
Small blooms appearing during the dry season on new growth of a Candelabra Tree (Muduha) on the RICA campus. July 11, 2021.
Ring-necked Doves courting near Lake Kilimbi. July 17, 2021.
A Palm-nut Vulture on the RICA campus. June 27, 2021.
A Hamerkop carrying nesting material. June 27, 2021.
RICA students and Dr. Ullman installing a net electric fence around a small zucchini field, to evaluate this as an option to deter monkey damage to student fields. July 17, 2021.
A Brown Parrot near the RICA cafeteria. July 7, 2021.
A Grey-headed Kingfisher near our house on the RICA campus. July 24, 2021.
The RICA cafeteria, Inuma Hall (Ring-necked Dove), as dinner time approaches. July 20, 2021.
Hamerkop nest building near Lake Kilimbi. June 27, 2021.

One thought on “Observations from Rwanda: August 1, 2021”

  1. As always, I love to see the birds! Beautiful! Your site is rapidly progressing. Well done. You are a good and faithful servant.


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