Observations from Rwanda: June 6, 2021

The third term of the academic year at the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA) began May 10, 2021. This is the first full term that includes only courses from students’ second year of classes, due to curriculum adjustments due to COVID and construction delays.

Richard Ferguson

Construction workers on the roof of the Campus Center, with Lake Kilimbi in the background. May 18, 2021.

RICA students perform a skit during a Bible Study presentation to campus. May 12, 2021.

RICA students enjoy a day on the beach during term break, complete with a food truck (outside the bubble). May 8, 2021.

Full attention during Enterprise:Marketing class. May 18, 2021.

The Lake Kilimbi commuter ferry making its way across the lake. May 15, 2021.

A Black-Headed Weaver on the shore of Lake Kilimbi. May 15, 2021.

RICA farm staff spraying citrus trees in the First Year Farm orchard. May 19, 2021.

A construction worker removes water from a trench after an overnight rain. This was the last significant rain before the dry season set in later in the month. May 15, 2021.

One thought on “Observations from Rwanda: June 6, 2021”

  1. Thanks again for sharing. It is always interesting to see the construction. Next challenge…an aerial view of your campus!


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