Observations from Rwanda: July 18, 2021

The past few weeks have seen significant increases in COVID-19 cases in Rwanda, presumably due to spread of the delta variant. Parts of Rwanda are in lockdown conditions, though the Bugesera district, where the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA) is located, is not yet among the affected districts. Still, the increase of COVID cases nationally has impacted RICA. While the ‘campus bubble’ relaxed slightly mid-term, movement to and from campus is still very limited. These approaches have allowed experiential education to continue at RICA.

Richard Ferguson

A Hamerkop carries nest materials over Lake Kilimbi. June 27, 2021.
A Hamerkop arrives at the nest with additional material. June 27, 2021.
A Hamerkop pair working on their nest. Jun 27, 2021.
A Hamerkop nest in a dead tree near the shore of Lake Kilimbi. Hamerkop nests are the largest of any bird in Africa, and a pair may build several nests a year. The word Hamerkop is derived from the Afrikaans word for ‘hammer-head’. June 27, 2021.
RICA students visit one of the Institute’s center pivot irrigation systems. Classes next term will include introduction to irrigation system management. June 23, 2021.
Patrick, a RICA staff member, describes basic functions of a center pivot irrigation system to RICA students. June 23, 2021.
RICA students listening as Patrick describes the center pivot irrigation system. June 23, 2021.
RICA’s dairy pasture and cows. The enterprise dairy herd has been steadily building over the past few months, with the eventual goal of 20 milking cows in the enterprise ready for instruction in September. Buildings in the distance are part of the temporary base of operations for one of RICA’s construction partners. June 22, 2021.
RICA students in line for COVID testing. With the increase of COVID cases in the country and around RICA, the Institute is currently testing all staff and students twice a week. July 17, 2021.
Until RICA’s potable water treatment plant is fully operational, drinking water is trucked into the campus daily. June 22, 2021.
Wild Morning Glory growing on papyrus plants on the shore of Lake Kilimbi. June 27, 2021.
A Pied Crow on the RICA campus. July 17, 2021.
Red-Capped Robin-Chat – near the RICA mango orchard. July 5, 2021.
Our family was able to meet for the first time in 18 months in June. Ben (left) and Ryan (right) joined us in Nebraska for about a week. The shirts were designed by the son of a RICA staff member. June 15, 2021.
A Palm-nut Vulture over the RICA campus. June 27, 2021.
Nap time for Little Bit. June 27, 2021.

One thought on “Observations from Rwanda: July 18, 2021”

  1. Interesting and beautiful birds once again. And a very lovely family picture! I enjoy your updates and all the pictures you send. I hope you are able to avoid a full lockdown again.


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