Observations from Rwanda: January 1, 2022

The campus of the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA) has been very quiet the last couple of weeks. Students finished final exams and left campus on December 16. Most construction activities have taken a break over the holiday season. A few staff and students stayed on campus to milk cows and feed chickens, and others insured RICA’s solar power plant and water supply systems continue to function. Students will begin returning to campus in another week, with the next term starting January 10, 2022.

Richard Ferguson

The dormitory for 2nd and 3rd year students on the campus of the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA) across Lake Kilimbi. The short structure in the foreground is the water pumping system to draw water from the lake for the campus; the structure under construction to the right is a swine barn for the First Year Farms. December 5, 2021.
A Black-Headed Heron taking flight from one of RICA’s fields. December 5, 2021.
Trees in the conservation savanna woodland on a misty day on the RICA campus. RICA has the second largest area of natural savanna woodland in Rwanda, after Akagera National Park. December 29, 2021.
Female Grosbeak Weaver in a farmer’s sunflower field near Lake Kilimbi. December 5, 2021.
Male Grosbeak Weaver (also known as the Thick-Billed Weaver) in the same farmer’s field as the photo above. December 5, 2021.
Children gathering firewood from RICA savanna woodland. December 29, 2021.
Side-Striped Jackal on the RICA Peninsula Road. December 22, 2021.
Our cat (Little Bit) watching for monkeys. December 29, 2021.

4 thoughts on “Observations from Rwanda: January 1, 2022”

    1. Good to hear from you Roger! Most photos – especially birds – are with a Canon 100-400 mm lens, on a Canon R5 body. I also use a Canon 24-105 mm lens, and a Canon 7D Mark 2 body, as well as an iPhone on occasion, since it’s always with me.


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