Observations from Rwanda: February 6, 2022

Cattle grazing near Lake Gaharwa, with the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA) on the far bank. RICA is situated between Lake Gaharwa on the south and Lake Kilimbi to the north. January 2, 2022.
Children cooling off in Lake Gaharwa before filling water jugs and returning to the village with water on bicycles. January 2, 2022.
Pushing a bike uphill loaded with water is a team effort. January 16, 2022.
RICA student Jean Claude picking mangoes in the RICA orchard. January 14, 2022.
RICA Vegetable and Fruit Enterprise Technologist Pacifique demonstrates to students how to identify damaged mangoes while harvesting. January 14, 2022.
A RICA dairy cow in the pasture after milking on a foggy morning. January 2, 2022.
Construction workers arriving to work early on a foggy morning. January 2, 2022.
RICA dairy cows in the pasture after milking in the morning. RICA’s dairy herd is mostly Friesian (Holstein). Approximately 20 cows are being milked in a temporary facility until the permanent dairy enterprise construction is complete. RICA’s water treatment facility is in the background. January 9, 2022.
Cattle Egrets are typically near the RICA dairy herd in the pasture. January 16, 2022.
A Cattle Egret over RICA’s dairy herd. January 16, 2022.
A RICA housekeeper sweeping the sidewalk near Muduha Hall early in the morning. January 15, 2022.
RICA students dissecting rabbits in Biology Lab, with oversight of RICA faculty. January 11, 2022.
Heading to market in the nearby village of Gashora. Jackfruit are currently in season. January 30, 2022.
A farmer preparing a paddy rice field for planting near Gashora, north of the RICA campus in Bugesera. January 30, 2022.
A Wire-Tailed Swallow on a bridge over the Nyabarongo River, east of Gashora in Bugesera district. January 30, 2022.

6 thoughts on “Observations from Rwanda: February 6, 2022”

    1. Yes – lake water is used for all household purposes. I’m not sure if it’s boiled before drinking.
      Milk from RICA cows is primarily consumed on campus. We have over 200 people living on campus between students and staff.


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