Observations from Rwanda: August 14, 2022

Thursday, August 11, was the last day of final exams for students at the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA). This completed the last term of the academic year, and students departed campus for a well-earned break of about one month. These students are taking an exam evaluating plant disease symptoms as part of the specialization course Plant Health and Integrated Pest Management.
During the week preceding final exams, students wrapped up field responsibilities in several classes. Here students in the Practical Farming class weed carrots. During the term break, some students will remain on campus to care for livestock and crops, and food processing. August 5, 2022.
Dr. Fritz Elango, RICA’s IPM Professor (green shirt), retires at the end of August. Here he advises his successor as Practical Farming coordinator, John Bosco Talemwa, RICA’s Mechanization Lecturer. August 5, 2022.
During the last week of each class, RICA students provide an evaluation of the course for their instructors. Here students provide input on the course Genetics and Breeding, which covers both plants and animals. August 3, 2022.
Workers harvesting peat in the Akanyaru River valley west of RICA, laying the harvested peat out to dry. I understand it is burned for electricity generation. July 17, 2022.
Workers spread peat to dry. Akanyaru River valley. July 17, 2022.
Boys transporting recently harvested cattle feed. Akanyaru River valley, July 17, 2022.
Workers bagging lime from an exposed limestone vein – Akanyaru River valley, July 17, 2022.
Fisherman in a dugout canoe, Akanyaru River valley, July 17, 2022.
Worker picking maize from one of RICA’s center-pivot irrigated fields. July 21, 2022.
Shelling and cleaning maize in a RICA field. July 21, 2022.
Winnowing maize grain after shelling to remove chaff. The tractor and mower in the background are used shred stalks after harvest to leave crop residue in the field. to July 21, 2022.
The final step – visual inspection and cleaning of grain before bagging for transport. July 21, 2022.
Picking, shelling and cleaning maize from RICA’s irrigated fields. July 21, 2022.
Lesser Striped Swallow, RICA campus. July 17, 2022.
Juvenile Sacred Ibis, Nyandungu Urban Wetland Eco-Tourism Park, Kigali. August 6, 2022.
Erythrina blooms, Nyandungu Urban Wetland Eco-Tourism Park, Kigali. August 6, 2022.
Yellow-Billed Storks, Gashora Wetland Bird Watching Spot near the Nyabarongo River. August 7, 2022.

2 thoughts on “Observations from Rwanda: August 14, 2022”

  1. Thank you for sharing. Always look forward to your picturesand progress. Hello to Teresa. Deanna McClintick



  2. While area schools here are gearing up for another year, your school is having a break!
    I found the maize harvest most interesting…
    And as always, loved the bird pictures. So beautiful! Thank you.


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