Observations from Rwanda: March 12, 2023

Overlooking Lake Kilimbi from the entrance roundabout for the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA). The Howard G. Buffett Campus Center is the building in the foreground. The village of Kayovu is on the hilltop across the lake. February 5, 2023.
Using a RICA research plot combine as a stationary sheller for hand-harvested maize. February 11, 2023.
Feeding maize ears into the combine. February 11, 2023.
Unloading shelled maize grain at the RICA grain & feed center, where it will be cleaned and run through the dryer before storing in the bin. February 11, 2023.
RICA students competing on the newly completed football pitch. February 5, 2023.
Four-toed elephant shrew, brought to us by our cat Little Bit. Unfortunately she dispatched it before bringing it in, so it was not much fun to play with. March 1, 2023.
Teresa and I on the patio of our home, Burera House, at RICA. March 4, 2023.
Waiting in line to fill water jugs, Mwendo village near RICA. February 19, 2023.
Yellow-billed ducks on Lake Gaharwa near RICA. March 11, 2023.
Pied Kingfishers with a meal, perched on a papyrus branch on the shore of Lake Gaharwa near RICA. March 11, 2023.
Learning to eat maize, RICA campus. March 4, 2023.
View from my office door down the administrative wing of the RICA Campus Center.
Milking time – Kagasa village, near RICA. February 19, 2023.
Children from Kayovu village watching activity at the newly completed RICA recreation center. February 12, 2023.
Three-banded Plover, Lake Gaharwa. March 11, 2023.
Ants crossing the Peninsula Road, RICA. Lines of apparently millions of ants on the move are common. March 11, 2023.
Hamerkop taking off from the shore of Lake Gaharwa. March 11, 2023.
Bicycle taxi on the Peninsula Road through RICA. March 11, 2023.

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