Observations from Rwanda: April 10, 2023

Visit to the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA) by President Kagame of Rwanda and President Ruto of Kenya. April 5, 2023.
View over Lake Kilimbi from Kilimbi House, the new Vice Chancellor residence at RICA. April 2, 2023.
A worker brings cabbages from the Vegetable and Fruit Enterprise fields to RICA’s cafeteria. March 29, 2023.
RICA landscaping workers are gradually replacing landscape species in some areas of campus with plants that better protect against erosion and are easier to care for. Fields on the hill in the background are center-pivot irrigated, used for maize and soybean production. March 29, 2023.
A RICA 3rd Year student presents her poster describing her capstone project to a faculty review team. 3rd Year students have completed one term of their internship with a host company in Rwanda. They will spend one more term in their internship placement before graduation in August. April 4, 2023.
Black-headed Heron perched on an acacia tree, RICA campus. April 8, 2023.
Southern Red Bishop. RICA campus. March 26, 2023.
Evening rainbow over the RICA Howard G. Buffett Campus Center. April 4, 2023.

2 thoughts on “Observations from Rwanda: April 10, 2023”

  1. Love seeing the beautiful pictures. Noticing the progress . I’m sure lots of hard work but what an adventure.


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